The Story and the Pitch

   The story of Market Analysis Candles started in 2009. I was just out of graduate school and working a desk job for a technology company. I was grinding out no less than 60 hours a week and making less per hour than a guy pumping gas with no education. My bosses were jackasses. I hated it. When the Great Recession started in late 2008, I was fired along with 25 of my co-workers and given 2 weeks of severance right before Christmas. At least I didn't have to commute now.

60 hours a week for what? $3000 a month? $12.50 an hour. No thanks!
After a lot of self evaluation, I decided would never work for someone else again. I would never be at the mercy of someone else for a paycheck. I had traded stocks and some stock options in the early 2000's but never as a full time job. I began my quest, searching for books, tips, and looking for trading gurus who advertised services. I read book after book, and tried at least 100 trading services. What did these guys have that I didn't?

   Entirely by chance, I stumbled upon a group of futures traders on Twitter. These guys blew my mind! They introduced me to index futures, commodity futures, and a thought process entirely foreign to me at the time. I read about order flow analysis, market profiling, and algorithmic trading. I realized that everything I thought I knew about trading up to this point wasn't from the perspective of a trader, it was from the retail side of trading. In other words, these traders where the wolves, and everyone else was the sheep, including me.

   Fast forward a full 2 years and I was profitable in my futures trading, but it was a lot of work setting up analysis and planning trades. In another life I was a programmer; I knew I could automate a large majority of what I was learning. At the time there were very few futures trading platforms available to the retail trader - NinjaTrader was one such platform. My broker at the time offered a version free. After a month or so of learning the platform, I purchased the lifetime license for NinjaTrader for $1,500.

    I set about to figure out how to more automate and improve my trading. There were failures and successes. Over the course of 2 years, I developed auto traders, analysis tools, and as many lines, lights, indicators, bars, and just anything you can think of for trading. I didn't have the success I wanted. I could still trade more consistently manually.

   Finally! I had an idea! Why not simplify what I was doing with the basics of order flow and market analysis, after all that was the bulk of the work planning trades. It took 3 more years to refine and live test what I'm about to offer to you on this site. There is no substitute for trial by fire, and this indicator and trading system are the result of those years of reading, testing, learning, failing, and doing it all over.

   I've put off selling indicators and offering my work to the general public. I've been asked to run trading chat rooms, trade services, and let people follow my trades. I declined. I finally had the freedom I wanted, I could come and go as I pleased, I bought muscle cars, I learned to fly airplanes, and I paid off all my debts. Why would I want to create a job for myself? I started this journey because I wanted to have freedom to enjoy life. I don't enjoy being beholden to anyone.

    Now it's 2018! For almost 10 years, I have witnessed, in many chatrooms, a constant stream of struggling traders failing to achieve their goals; a few that would listen I have helped to varying degrees. My long time trading partners convinced me that I should share the success of my work.

    Why not give it all away for free? Time is money. My time is valuable and my students time is valuable. Learning to trade successfully requires you to invest in yourself, this is that investment. There are too many traders who never succeed because they don't have a trading plan, they don't have the tools, and they don't put value in learning. This is my way to make a trader have the same commitment to success it requires to succeed. The price is not extensive or unreasonable.

Mentoring is offered on a case by case basis and not included in the price of the indicator. Use the contact form to send a message.


If you're still here then it's time to succeed.

Analyze. Plan. Execute.

Market Analysis Candles for NinjaTrader 7 incorporate market and order flow analysis to give traders an edge and clear views of the current market conditions.

4 easy to follow colors for any market give you an edge.


Trading can give you the financial freedom you always dream of. Most of the people who try trade for a living fail. Why? Unsuccessful traders don't analyze, plan, or execute without emotion.

Market Analysis Candles do the analysis for you, all you have to do is plan and execute.


Do you want to work for 1-3 hours a day? Do you want to make hundreds or thousands of dollars each day?

What's stopping you?

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